Club Drosselmeyer is an interactive experience like never before - taking place on two nights only in December, you will determine the outcome of this momentous evening in 1939!

Dress in your vintage finery to sip cocktails, see acts from Turkey, Spain and Russia and dance to the silvery tones of Rocco and the Stompers... or follow clues, puzzles and riddles down the rabbit hole of multiple intrigues happening beneath your nose!

Drosselmeyer is a show built by swing dancers, swing musicians, game designers and LARPers. We want to immerse you in an evening where you're part of the story- and as with any real-life story, there are people who engage with the story and there are bystanders who simply enjoy the environment. No world is complete without characters. To come alive, this ritzy 1939 night club will need sophisticated society, casual dancers, serious lindy hoppers, fancy swells, debutantes, fops, wits and intellectuals, statesmen, soldiers, sleuths, do-gooders, spies, bullies, wall-flowers, socialites, brains and brawn. Engage with it however you'd like, there's room for everyone at Club Drosselmeyer!! 

The adventure will unfold at CLUB OBERON in Harvard Square- there are only two shows so get your tickets now!! 

Sunday, December 11th, at 7:30pm

Friday, December 16th, at 7:30pm