Why Club Drosselmeyer?

I know a lot of people who face anxiety- and it’s a real ordeal. I feel like am one of the blessed/lucky/well-trained (however you might say it) few who doesn’t need to face this daily battle with my brain but if you ask me how I feel today, I would have to be completely honest… I’ve been at a constant vibrate since 8AM. (buzz buzz buzz buzz…)

Why?! Why of course… Drosselmeyer tickets go on sale today for 1st access and officially tomorrow. Our first playtest goes live Saturday. This is the week where my messy, crazy idea becomes a messy real-life crazy thing— or at least the start of it. Dishes will be broken, tempers will be tested, I will forget everybody’s birthday/wedding/event… BUT… it’s happening. I may not sleep for about 5 days. I have no idea why I’m drinking coffee as I write this, if you took a sample of my blood it would be a syringe of adrenaline. I could outrun a car right now… and I hate running. 

The stakes are pretty high. If I were a smarter person, I would’ve built something low-overhead and simple. But - and I know this sounds really weird and flaky- I feel like I don’t invent these projects, I’m just here following the path that’s already marked for them- and small and safe is just not what Drosselmeyer was. It was somehow (to me) already there, already written: it was a big show, a massive immersive environment, huge cast, multiple interactive storylines and live, original music with a big band. Then one of the most prominent black box theaters in New England amazingly saw the vision and invited us in. Its a lot for a first show but that’s just what Drosselmeyer was. And now… the reckoning. Will people see this show-slash-game-slash-cabaret-slash magical evening adventure as clearly as I see it in my head??! Will they want to play along? Will they be willing to don the magic vest and enter this world I’m building?

And that- also a little weird and flaky- is why I’m doing this. It’s something I see so vividly that it’s a shock to me when people don’t already know the story of Herr Drosselmeyer- his secret project Nutcracker and all the film noir intrigue that happens. To me, it’s as obvious as little red riding hood. It’s also so clear to me that this is a game- that this is a new way to tell a story and that we can do it. Danny Fratina, a freakishly talented musician and composer just happens to be right there- with a full big band- waiting to build music for us. Jason Volk just happens to have an incredible army of vintage-loving people all around New England who know exactly how to build a world and are always ready to play along. Mike Hibarger, who has been running massive swing dances in Boston for as long as I’ve been dancing, just happens to be around with little, game-changing suggestions for how to make this possible. We just happen to have a community of wonderful dancers and friends who are always up for an adventure. We just happen to have everything we need. It’s like you wake up and all the ingredients for a cake are sitting, measured on your kitchen counter. What are you going to do? Make toast? Ignore it? I would almost feel guilty if I didn’t build Drosselmeyer. What kind of person would I be if I just walked away? 

And fate, arranging those measured ingredients on my counter - fate knows I believe in magic. Fate knows that I think magic worlds aren’t just fun and cute- I think they’re essential. Fate knows that while are lots of people whose work gives people long, healthy, more comfortable lives, I find my purpose in giving people reasons to keep on living those long, healthy more comfortable lives. If there’s no challenge, no joy, no adventure, why put the time in anyways? As one of my students said to me today “it’s amazing how easy it is to build things when you care about them.” Exactly. My company is Green Door Labs- and I really believe in what I do: building doors. We create doors into magic worlds. This is the biggest door I’ve ever had to build …and now all I can do is hope that people will go through!