Frequently Asked Questions

What is Club Drosselmeyer?

It is an immersive, interactive show set in a nightclub in 1940 owned by Herr Drosselmeyer, inventor of Project Nutcracker. You can grab a drink, watch the floor shows, and listen (or dance!) to our live band, including arrangements of Nutcracker pieces in swing time. If you'd like to interact, you can speak with various characters throughout the club to figure out more about the story and help them out by solving puzzles and completing tasks.

Do I need to interact to enjoy the show?

You're welcome to just enjoy the show, hanging out in a 1940's nightclub is pretty fun! If you want to solve some puzzles without interacting, perhaps team up with somebody who would rather interact than solve puzzles! You definitely will not be dragged out to interact in front of the full audience, all interactions are personal, like chatting with someone at a bar.

What are the different ticket options like?

Standing Room tickets ($49) are great if you don't mind being on your feet or are planning on being up and about for the evening. Floor Tables ($69) are placed around the dance floor, so they're in a great central location to access the various characters, and it also gives you a nice home base to work at and a good view of the performances. The Banquette seats on the Mezzanine ($59) are perfect for puzzlers who want ample table room and folks who want to be a bit out of the bustle of the main seating area, though you may need to stand or move a bit to get a clear view of some of the performances. The VIP Mezzanine Seats ($89). Tickets are available here!

Do I have to dress up? What should I wear?

We highly recommend dressing up: it is fun to have an excuse to dress your best and if everybody dresses up, it helps with the immersion! If you don't know how to dress like it is 1940, just dress to impress! Check out these 1940's style guides for men and women if you'd like to dress appropriately for the time period!

Who would enjoy this show? Do I need to be a dancer/puzzler/younger/older/introvert/extrovert?

We've specifically designed the show to be enjoyable for all different engagement levels. You can interact as much or as little as you'd like. Some of the pathways are more puzzle-y than others, and there will be "waiters" around the club to help you find a way to enjoy yourself, or help you out if you get stuck! Dancing is entirely optional. Folks of all different ages from 10 to 93 came to Club Drosselmeyer last year and had a great time!

Is the show different from last year?

The show is completely different than last year! All new story! All new puzzles! Of course, it still involves the same Nutcracker characters you know and love, but this year it is 1940 and the situation has changed.