News & Updates

Nov 27th

Our dress rehearsal went great! Feedback from our testers was very helpful and we're making a few tweaks to the show to make it even better! This was our first time seeing some of the dance acts, and they looked incredible! We'll be putting the finishing touches on some puzzles and rehearsing our interactions and scenes for two more weeks, then it's showtime!

Nov 5th

THE PLAYMAP! It is DONE! After 15 involved 2-5 page character backstories... it boils down to a simple (hopefully) playmap that will be unveiled to our cast at practice tonight for our very first puzzle runthrough. Today- filling out all the possible trailheads and prompts for players. writingwritingwritingwriting... 

Oct 29th

This weekend was the very first vintage photo shoot for the Club Drosselmeyer crew. We had hair, makeup, suits, pocket watches, vests, bowties and hats. So. many. hats.

We took pictures until our photographer's hands started to hurt. (not an exaggeration.) All this... just for you! How else will you know who to talk to for puzzles, mysteries and stories when you settle in to your table at club drosselmeyer?